The museum

The museum is a Foundation established by Giovanni Scaramangà, a businessman of Greek origin who was very interested about Trieste and its history.

Visitors are invited to visit the home of Scaramangà which is located in a XVII century building in the Piazza S.Antonio at the end of the canal.

Giovanni Scaramangà

Giovanni Scaramangà was born in Trieste  on 2nd of April 1872; after a complete course of studies done in Trieste, he started to work in the family firm. Full of nationalist principles he took part to the Liberal Party and was elected to represent the city of Trieste in the Austrian Parliament.

He worked to protect the interests of Trieste until he had to go back to Trieste to look after the commercial business of his family.

The experience gained during his permanence in Vienna, the ability in conducting commercial business and his great capacities gave him the opportunity to be elected member of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and later chairman of the same Chamber and he maintained this office during all  the First World War.

At the end of the war he was nominated by the Italian Government Royal Commissioner of the Chamber of Commerce and was present at a lot of boards of bank, insurance, shipping, commercial  and industrial companies.

At the end of the Second World War  he was chief of the shipping company “Lloyd Triestino” ad he had to cope with all problems due to the destruction and loss suffered from the shipping company during the war. Scaramangà managed to repatriate all the crew and save part of the commercial fleet, but after he entered in a strong contrast with the head company “Finmare” who wanted to transfer remained of the fleet to another maritime section.

When, although his strong opposition the ships were transferred, he resigned and left all business activities and concentrated all his passion to cultural activities.

He entered in the commission of civic museum “Revoltella” and became member of the commission of the civic library.

He died in his home in Trieste on the 4th of March 1960.